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Thriving thru relationships since 2003

Headquartered in San Antonio, with an active client roster spanning from the Mississippi River to the Western Slope, Property Research Partners, LLC represents the interests of clients both large and small.  Our firm specializes in multiple aspects of the Oil & Gas midstream, upstream sectors of the industry, and we service our client's needs from the seed of an idea to the time they deem their goals to be achieved. Whether you’re a publicly traded conglomerate who needs to maximize its current assets, acquire outside resources, or a start-up building an asset base from the ground-up, or a midstream company creating a pipeline infrastructure, we will treat your interests as if they are our own. We will use our vast industry network to create added value to our suite of services like none of our contemporaries. The leadership team at Property Research Partners, thru decades of experience, and thousands of industry interactions, believes that if the core values of trust, reliability, and credibility exist, then failure is impossible.

Our Management Team averages more than a decade's direct experience in the Oil & Gas Land space, and our commitment to being the most efficient, professional Land Brokerage in the industry is only achieved thru the hiring or contracting team members who either already possess or are willing to learn the "right" way to do things.  We commit to using cutting edge technology, while still respecting the tools only found working out in-the-field, and we utilize our industry partners such as Drilling Info, Drop Box, Esri Arc GIS, Landdox, but our team has experience with many different platforms, so we can conform to any systems that our client's deem are in their own particular self-interest.





San Antonio Office: 

825 West Bitters Road, Suite 205, San Antonio, Texas 78216

Midland Office: 

306 West Wall Street, Suite 210, Midland, Texas 79701

Denver Office: 

50 South Steele Street, Suite 500, Denver, Colorado 80214


San Antonio Office: (210) 822-2551, (210) 865-0401
Denver Office: (720) 651-8021


Areas of Specialty

Oil and Gas Leasehold

The Property Research Partners crew’s average level of experience is in excess of 10 years, when combining the field supervisor and individual broker's years in the business. To that end, our clients always the level of experience necessary to accurately evaluate mineral title, which ensures that your leases are acquired from the proper parties.

At Property Research, mineral title and lease data is uploaded from the broker in the field. Then all information is reviewed and compiled in-house to generate oil and gas leases, title reports and lease reports for quick turnaround. We provide cloud-based, scanned copy access to executed leases, issued drafts, checks,   W-9’s and completed lease packages for your review and approval on a 24/7 basis.




With an management team having an extensive background of in-house experience, we understand the value of having work for each client performed in an efficient, accurate manner.  We also pride ourselves on a level of transparency that many in the industry do not provide. To that end, our clients have constant access to their all aspects of their project via cloud based database.

We have worked closely with title examiners in the states we serve and have title attorney relationships everywhere that we work who are immediately available for consultation on your project. In addition, with multiple regional offices, we can mobilize experienced title crews of any size, on short notice, in order to best serve your needs.

Right-of-way Acquisition

At Property Research Partners, we service our midstream partners, as well as our upstream partners with decades of experience from across the United States. We have multiple agents who are participants in the IRWA (International Right-of-Way Association), as well as agents in multiple states who are also actively licensed Real Estate professionals. 

Our experienced team of field personnel, supported by responsible field contacts with landowners, agencies, towns, cities and municipalities along with courthouse research, insure your right-of-way projects are completed with accuracy and dependability.

The PRP right-of-way acquisition process is completely comprehensive and spans everything from pipeline route selection and ascertaining the validity of title to strategically acquiring the right-of-way.


gis and mapping

At PRP we believe that accurate mapping is an integral part of the success of any project. Our in-house mapping team can work as either as our client's mapping arm or alongside their in-house team to provide Cartographic, GIS or any mapping products, such-as detailed pipeline maps and leasehold maps.

At PRP, we know that the fast-paced nature of the business creates the need to have real-time information and analysis, including detailed pipeline maps, leasehold maps or other customized maps, so that is provided in real-time, just as all of our client's other products are. 


As you complete a deal, whether you are a buyer or a seller, there are customized needs that require servicing for each scenario.  Thru our experience buying and selling deals of our own, along with a track records of performing due diligence on asset deals up to multiple billions of dollars in value, we have experts to help verify Working Interests, Analyze In-House documents, and anything else you may have so that you can close your transaction. 

If you want to earn more-learn more. If you want to get more out of the world you must put more into the world. For, after all, men will get no more out of life than they put into it
— William "J.H." Boetcker